IT Support

Increases suppliers’ capability to manage complexity on component assembly lines

Enables suppliers to work on fast turnaround times from automotive manufacturers

Promotes standardisation of quality checks – e.g. displays for quality check images and instructions in the inspection area

Allows access to real-time production data

Organises and executes assembly from start to finish – from receiving of assembly instructions and sequencing data, to managing scheduling, assembly, packaging and delivery

Integrates scanning and packaging modules to manage packing and delivery in sequence and to correct slots

Includes customised barcodes, labels and packaging sheets to manufacturer’s specific needs

Supports bill of materials (BOM) management 

Provides production reports for the shopfloor and the back-office

Allows assembly lines to run independently – in case of a problem in ERP or other company business systems

Self-billing option available for high volume component manufacture – automating data transfer helps to avoid mistakes and saves time

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