SCM System – Car Parts Supplier

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SCM system for a car parts supplier

Infinity’s client was a trading company supplying parts to auto production lines. The company implemented Infinity’s SCM system to manage their complicated stock process and to align their stock levels with the needs of time-critical operations.

Business Issue

The trading company provides an auto parts logistics service. They receive stocks of parts from 20 different suppliers every 10 to 20 minutes and deliver them to auto manufacturing lines in the UK, France and Turkey. The movement of these stocks had been managed manually with an Excel spreadsheet. However, with the business growing this became too complicated and the need for an automated SCM system emerged.

The SCM system development required a level of system customisation which was causing increased cost pressures to the trader. Infinity responded to these design and supply chain challenges by providing the customisation the trading company required within a specified cost budget.

Solution Summary

Infinity’s SCM solution receives order data sent by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The SCM solution handles this imported data as delivery information. The stock levels are reduced automatically at the estimated time of arrival (ETA). This automated system function reduces time consuming manual procedures in the order, stock management and delivery processes.

Infinity’s customised system efficiently manages the large volumes of inbound stocks coming in from different suppliers. It also handles the delivery side of the process. This enables the supplier to provide parts to factory production lines, based on the manifests received, every 10 to 20 minutes. As the whole process is programmed into the SCM system it also helps avoid human error and related mistakes in the ordering and delivery process.


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