Network, server, mail system construction and migration

Infinity’s tailor made solutions for improving IT strategy include restructuring and updating the company’s LAN and developing a companywide VPN with Internet access and e-mail communications. These solutions can be fully tailored to suit the user’s requirements, requests and budget.

Infinity’s IT management service delivers

Infinity’s IT management service can deliver the IT solution and strategy for an organisation. This managed service guarantees a leading edge IT solution by always considering the Total Cost Ownership (TCO).

Infinity’s standard technical support

Infinity’s standard IT support module provides support for an organisation’s PC, server, network, email and Internet connections. IT support is delivered on-site and/or remotely through a VPN, phone and e-mail. It is also available on a 24/7 basis if required. All support activities and histories are held on Infinity’s globally visible web support database and can be accessed in real-time by both the customer and the support team.