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 Case studies 


Infinity’s supplier solutions handle real-time data from automotive manufacturers’ and suppliers’ production lines to run Just In Time and Just In Sequence production. Our system at the supplier’s plant processes and verifies all signals received through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connections with the manufacturer’s system. Then the system provides client-specific production instructions, typically involving barcodes/labels and direct IP feeds to production line machinery.

The JIS system at the supplier’s production plant runs production on a daily basis and allows planning ahead of the weekly production schedule. As a web-based application it provides real-time on-demand information. This enables suppliers to react instantly to any fluctuations in actual production levels at the automotive manufacturer’s plant. Suppliers can then produce and deliver the right part, at the right time, to the right point in the manufacturing process.


We also created an integrated radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution for Toyota Tsusho, which they use for scanning and tagging stillages.

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