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 Case studies 


Infinity developed a state-of-the-art SCM solution for a major manufacturing company in Belgium. This web-based application creates a virtual global warehouse, providing a series of tools which allow the client to see real-time stock levels, shipping details and delivery reports.

Business Issue

The manufacturing company has a particularly complex supply chain with parts being manufactured both in Japan and China for delivery to Europe. One of the biggest problems the company faced was long delivery times for the parts. This made the efficient real-time management of stock levels difficult.

To help reduce delivery times a new central warehousing facility and assembly plant for the shipped parts was set up in Europe. A key requirement of the new facility was a solution which would deliver a central control point with real-time visibility to manage the stock ordering process. Infinity was selected as the preferred supplier based on its extensive experience and ability to deliver customised business solutions at a competitive cost, comparable to most off-the-shelf packages.

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