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Dec 2022 - European IT Company Infinity Technology Holdings Begins New Merger with OPN Corporation

OPN Case Study ENG
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Established in 2000, OPN Corporation develops software and introduces, sells, and maintains IT equipment while maintaining close ties to the Hiroshima region. Although we are a small company, we have continuously improved our technical skills, and we have grown while accumulating the trust of our customers with our agile response capabilities. While competition within the prefecture is intensifying, we are actively taking in jobs outside the prefecture and are receiving orders for projects in Hokkaido.

However, due to our company's compact business scale, further expansion of sales channels were limited, which was a dilemma. At this time, OPN met Infinity Technology Holdings (Infinity), an IT group of 12 companies in 6 countries, mainly in Europe. Subsequently, we decided to merge with Infinity. At first, we had many doubts about integrating with an overseas company. However, OPN's president Nitta (current chairman) and Infinity's president Iwasaki repeatedly discussed each other's businesses and decided to take advantage of the respective strengths of OPN and INFINITY. We look forward to a synergistic relationship and feel that it will be a win-win for both parties.

We would like to announce that in December 2022, OPN Corporation will be reborn as the new “OPN Corporation” led by Iwasaki, CEO of Infinity in Europe.


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