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Engineer recruitment

For companies: Infinity Recruitment can help you secure the right human resources for the job.
Infinity Recruitment is Belgium's only Japanese recruitment agency based in Brussels. We specialize in matching client companies with people who speak Japanese.
We provide solutions to client companies, providing total support that goes beyond the traditional recruitment agency, even for problems that become apparent during the recruitment process. 
Infinity Recruit is fully aware of the importance of securing appropriate human resources.
We understand the business contents of our client companies and provide excellent human resources not only in Belgium but also in each country from our abundant database.
Our account managers will also give you free advice on financial and legal issues that arise when hiring personnel.
We will listen to you not only about the skills and experience required by client companies, but also about the issues you want to solve with this recruitment, and after fully understanding them, we will provide total support efficiently and promptly. 
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