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IT Solutions

Infinity Group’s IT solutions engineers can install, administer, maintain, and troubleshoot a wide array of customer hardware, software, and data assets in varying environments, while identifying and evaluating potential areas for improvement that best fit the individual business needs of our clients.

Nowadays, we have to face a wide range of challenges from the increase of computing power, storage space requirements, and external attacks, while still providing workplace flexibility for your team. Our IT procurement team offers you to support step by step from a strategic and administrative point of view to optimize your infrastructure.


We can support you to virtualize your infrastructure to reduce the cost of materials, maintenance, or energy bill, as well as save space in your establishment. We also assist you in the choice of security like Cyber Essentials, or to minimize disruption and to keep ongoing your business with Disaster Recovery Services or Workplace recovery. A multitude of possibilities are offered to you for a better flexibility of your team, such as Office 365, Google Apps, Offsite Backups or Mobile integration.


Whether it is to analyse your needs, provide quotations, install, maintain, and troubleshoot your infrastructure, Infinity Group’s engineers are at your disposal from the beginning and bring you the best solutions.

  • Virtualisation

  • Cyber Essentials

  • Disaster Recovery Services

  • Workplace Recovery

  • Office 365

  • Google Apps

  • Offsite Backups

  • Mobile Integration

  • Web Filtering

  • IT Procurement

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